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Rich in scenic bluegrass, horse farms, Industry, agriculture and history, Jessamine County blends into its southern border of Fayette County quite well. Jessamine County is named after an early settlers’ daughter Jessamine, who was named after the Jasmine flowers that grow along the county’s creek beds. While Jessamine County is very similar to most of Central Kentucky, using its natural components to create economic growth. It is a perfect mix of small-town charm and big city benefits, there’s always something to entertain, educate and inspire you here Jessamine Co. We are right in the middle of it all. If you’re looking for an ideal location to discover, cultivate and expand, search no more.

There is also plenty to do in Jessamine County from hiking trails, horses, shopping, the annual Ky Wine & Vine Festival, to visiting a National Monument, aka Camp Nelson Cemetery. Jessamine County is home to the first national monument in the state of Kentucky’s history! Now known as the Camp Nelson National Monument. They are also the home of the nationally recognized PGA tournament known as the Barbosol. The Barbosol brings 40 million dollars in economic benefits to the region. The Barbosol gives back to local charities as well. Those charities are: All God’s Children, Make a Wish, Refuge for Women, UK Children’s Hospital, and Woodhill Community Center.

Jessamine County is just a 35 mile drive from Kentucky’s capital city of Frankfort, and only 15 minutes to the Bluegrass Airport. Jessamine County’s cost of living is below the national average with one of the lowest cost of living rates in the U.S. The current population is 56,126, (2020 Census) they are one of the fastest-growing communities in the commonwealth. The biggest opportunity is “room to grow” with the convenience of employees and amenities in the nearby northern border of Fayette County and the southern border to smaller communities. Jessamine County offers a small-town appeal with the amenities of a larger city.

Jessamine County is expanding business as they develop a new Industrial Park considered to be an “Opportunity Zone” it has about 80 acres with the potential to expand. To ensure plenty of trained employee candidates for new business, Jessamine County launched the work ready skills initiative. The high school technology center (JCTC) provides high schoolers the skills to be work ready for manufacturing, mechanics, health care, and more.

Located to the West of Jessamine County and the City of Nicholasville (County Seat) is the city of Wilmore, one of the safest places to live in Ky. Wilmore is home to Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary, both of which add a cosmopolitan touch to our community with their worldwide connections.

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